#5 – Get my Passport Stamped

I’ve had my passport for almost 8 years now and it has done little more than collect dust.  I’ve been to foreign countries before, but that was on Uncle Sam’s dime, and no passport was required, just my military ID.  When I first learned that we would be taking a cruise, I used that as an opportunity to knock a few of the items off my list.  At the very top was getting my passport stamped.

Then I learned that they don’t really ever stamp your passports on cruises; they simply use them for identification when you get back on the ship after visiting a port.  I was bummed that this one was going to be the first item that didn’t get checked as I had no other plans to leave the country in the immediate future.  However, I’ve learned that God will often grant us small favors, and such was the case in Nassau.  As we returned from our day at the beach, we joined 2,000 of our closest friends in line to go through customs to get back on the ship.  I heard the guy in line behind me ask one of the local defense members if the office on the other side of the fence was where he needed to go to get his passport stamped.  So, I grabbed Felicia and Matt and hauled them into the immigration office, and sure enough, they were more than happy to stamp our passports!  So, item #5 is officially checked!


And just for fun, I included a picture of the line of cruise ships that were all in port that day just because it is really cool.  Our ship, the Carnival Dream, is in the middle.  The two to the left are other Carnival ships.  The big daddy on the right is a Royal Caribbean, and the one next to it is a Norwegian.  

Cruise Ships Cropped

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