#6 – Jet-skiing

I’ve been wanting to try this for as long as I can remember.  It has always looked like a ridiculous amount of fun, but I’ve never taken the opportunity to try it out.  Once again, it just so happened that our cruise was the perfect place to try it out.  I found an excursion in Key West that offered a jet-skiing/para-sailing (item #7) adventure that would allow me to knock out two of the items on my list!

We boarded a boat with about 35 other people that took us to a barge where we could swim, drink and eat.  We each took turns in groups to jet-ski and para-sail.  Our group got to go first on the jet-skis.  Felicia rode alone and I had Matt on the back with me.  After a brief overview of how they operated, we tore out on a “tour” of the waters.  This was a double-edged sword for me.  Riding the Sea-Doo was an absolute blast.  Matt and I were hootin’ and hollerin’ the whole time.  Unfortunately, the ride only lasted about 5 minutes when we stopped, were told a couple of bad jokes, given some historical information about the area and then turned around and headed back to the barge.  We spent a grand total of about 10 minutes actually riding the Sea-Doos and more time talking about them.  However, we had so much fun we agreed that this is definitely something we will be doing again in the future!


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