#13 – Drive-in Movie Night

A few years back, I read an article about the rapid decline of drive-in movie theaters across the country.  At some point, I guess there were over 4,000 and now it’s down to around 300.  I grew up with both the South Drive-in and the Cinderella Twin Drive-in within a few miles of our house and I have great memories of both from my childhood and teen years.  After reading that article, I decided that I needed to make sure my kids had a chance to experience a drive-in before they went completely extinct.  Sadly, the Cinderella was torn down in 2007 in favor of some new condominiums.


Doing a little research, I found two theaters left in the Denver metro area.  One is the 88 Drive-in located in Commerce City.  The other is the drive-in at the Denver Mart which runs all summer.  That one was a lot closer, so we settled on that.  They were showing a double feature of the new Lion King and Aladdin.  We had to take two cars, but were able to park next to each other.  We setup my truck bed and Savannah’s hatchback to accommodate everyone.  The weather was a bit uncooperative.  There was lightning and thunder that surrounded us, but fortunately never got really close.  And we battled light rain all night.  But all-in-all, it was a lot of fun and I think the kids enjoyed it.  Although, at one point, Sydney said “Well, I see why they decided to build theaters indoors” with just a little bit of attitude.  🙂 

We only lasted through the first movie.  Because it didn’t start until after 9:00, the kids were wiped out and we all had work the following day, so we packed it in before watching Aladdin.  We really did have a great time and I’m sure we’ll be doing it again next summer!

Drive In Night

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