#23 & #24 – Ride an ATV / Shoot a .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle

When I started writing this list, shooting a .50 caliber sniper rifle was one of the first things I wanted to do, however, it took a little more thought.  I’ve had the pleasure to shoot many different kinds of weapons, mostly thanks to the Marine Corps.  Even though I wasn’t infantry, I was fortunate enough to get put in a position where we supported the grunts, and on occasion, we got a chance to join them on the range.  But, I never got my hands on a long distance rifle such as the Barrett M82.  When I started searching for places to shoot, of course Las Vegas popped up immediately, as would be expected.  One of the first places I landed was called Bullets and Burgers, and the first offering I looked at was an ATV tour with a shooting package!  I took that as a sign, and with my wife’s blessing, decided to setup a “guys weekend” to go with a couple of friends.  I knew this would be a lot of fun and would knock a couple off my list, and as I’m not much of a gambler, I knew it would be relatively inexpensive, all things considered.

I got with my good friend Jeff and cousin Tyler and we settled on a weekend in October that worked for all of us.  I had a couple more buddies that I wanted to have come, but as is often the case, we just couldn’t make it work.  We had a great time, filled with some good dinners, a run through the Star Wars VR adventure at The Void (which is ridiculously fun), zip-lining over Fremont street, and of course shooting and ATV riding.  We got to ride in a monster truck before setting off on the tour, and that was about the most intense 2 minutes in a vehicle that I’ve ever experienced!!!

All in all, we really had a great time and we’re already trying to figure out our next adventure!  Here’s a short video I put together from our trip:

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