#50 – Get Felicia’s Grandparents Interred at Fort Logan (Scheduled)

This was at the top of my list last year.  Felicia’s Grandparents died a long time ago.  I got to know her Grandma briefly before she passed, but her Grandpa died long before we even met.  There is a long history with this, but unfortunately, they were never buried in a cemetery.  Eventually, I learned that her Grandpa served in the Army during WW2, so that set me on a mission to get him interred in a National Cemetery, as is the privilege of all Veterans who served honorably.  Nobody had any of his records, so I had to start doing some digging.  We discovered that his historical enlistment and discharge papers were lost in a fire years ago, along with many veterans of that era, however, not all hope was lost.  Late last year, we were finally able to obtain his last pay stub from a different government agency that confirmed his dates of service and discharge status.  Now that we have that, we are going to schedule their interment later this Spring.

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