#40 – Climb the Manitou Incline (On-Hold)

I had so hoped to have this one done by Fall of last year, but alas, it was not meant to be.  This grueling little hike is something of a Colorado legend, but trying to hike it in Winter is dicey, so I’ll put this off until the Spring, which gives me a chance to get in better shape (hopefully)!  Plus, I’d like to not do this alone, so I’m hoping to drag at least one of my kids along with me.

#37 – Build a Shadow Box (On-Hold)

I was an average Marine at best.  There was nothing spectacular about my six years in the Corps, but I’m proud of my service.  I’ve been contemplating putting together a shadow box for years.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s just a display case of rank, ribbons and medals, unit patches and other items of service.  I’d still like to do this, and I certainly will at some point, but it just didn’t make it to the top of the priority list this past year.

#36 – Family Pictures (Scheduled)

We just don’t do this enough.  Between iPhones, fancy cameras and social media, I don’t think we make enough of an effort to get our family together for professional pictures.  It’s been almost 5 years since the last time we did it, so I put this on the list to make it happen.  It’s on the calendar for April.  We’ll be shooting at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  It should prove to be a most excellent backdrop.  And with any luck, we won’t meet up with the rattlesnake that Felicia courted a few years back.

#34 – Build a New PC (In Progress)

I can’t teach my son how to rebuild a carburetor, or how to finish drywall, but I still fancy myself as a bit of a techie, so I thought it would be fun to teach him how to build a PC from the ground up.  He really wants (okay, let’s be honest…BOTH of us really want) a VR simulator, but the PC we currently have is too old and won’t support it.  We’ve worked on the specs for it, now we just have to start purchasing the parts and putting it together.  Hopefully we’ll have it done by summer’s end!

Only 32? What Happened to the Other 18?

So what happened to the other 18?  Well, as is usually the case when making plans, life happens!  I’ll include the items I missed and why they didn’t happen.  Some are in progress; others are happening very soon; and a few just weren’t meant to be.  Overall, I’m happy I did this.  It helped me focus on the things that really matter in life, and in the end, the “things” aren’t things at all, they are people.  I got to spend time with my God, my wife, my kids, my family and my friends.  The memories I made will last the rest of my life, and amazingly enough, I didn’t have a mid-life crisis and purchase that Mustang after all!